Guige on How to Write a Synthesis Essay Outline

Guige on How to Write a Synthesis Essay Outline

A synthesis essay is among the most intriguing kinds of academic essays, a student has to write. It entails choosing various topics from a wide variety of sources, synthesizing them and finally developing a cohesive essay that expounds on a specific thesis statement. It synthesizes various facts based on varied sources and relevance to support a specific point or opinion. However, writing a synthesis essay requires some careful planning and structuring.

The very first step in writing a synthesis essay outline is to browse through various resources that deal with the topic you wish to write about. It is important to note that different resources serve different purposes and thus it is important to choose those that would be most effective in your writing. Some good sources of information include primary resources, secondary sources and academic texts. Once you have selected your preferred sources, the next step in writing a synthesis essay outline is to choose the specific points you want to discuss in your paper.

The introduction section is perhaps the most important part of writing a synthesis essay outline as this effectively builds the introduction to your paper. This is also the section where you outline the main points of your paper and thus, make it a strong introductory segment that catches the attention of your reader. The introduction should contain specific details about the study and your reasons for writing the paper. For instance, if you are writing on the subject of child development, you can mention how your extensive research on the topic has shown that children develop faster when they are encouraged to play and learn through playing.

Another important aspect of writing a synthesis essay outline is citing sources wisely. Remember to cite your sources correctly by using correct citations. Citations are important to emphasize a specific point or aspect of your research. For instance, if you are writing about the effects of playing games on the mental development of children, you can cite different studies regarding this. Other than citing your sources correctly, you should also be cautious with the way you use them as poor usage of sources can cast a negative spell on your paper.

The body of your synthesis essay outline should consist of the various discussions that you have had to make throughout the course of your research paper. In addition to making a detailed outline, you also need to make sure that you present your arguments in a concise manner. To do this, you can consider using bullet points. In bulleted lists, you can make sure that you present each and every important point that you have discussed in an orderly manner.

The last part of writing a synthesis essay outline is to evaluate your paper and evaluate your progress. By doing so, you show your readers that you have read a good number of papers and learned a lot from them. As such, it would be easy for you to write a very good number of syntheses and easily finish them as well. Indeed, writing a synthesis paper is not a very hard task at all. All that you need is a good amount of focus and careful planning.